At Fix Me Up! we operate under what we call the 5 P’s. Sticking to these 5 principles ensures that our clients receive the best possible service.



We have one goal at Fix Me Up!, and that is to help you meet new people. We understand that you are busy and are looking for professionals to handle your dating schedule. We are real people and not a bunch of salespeople working at a call center for some international “matchmaking service”. You won’t be just another number to us!



Fix Me Up! clients are able to rest easy knowing that their personal information is safe with us. Everything specific about you is kept confidential until you voluntarily reveal it to your dates. We don’t have a public database loaded down with pictures of you for the whole world to see while surfing the web either. If you don’t want people to know you’re using a dating service, then you’re not required to tell them. But, we’re excited to earn your trust and make you excited to share your experience using our service with other people!



You value your time and don’t want to waste it, we understand that. We get to know you during the joining process and find out exactly what you’re looking for in your dates. Not only would it waste your time, but it would reflect poorly on us to arrange dates for you that are going to turn out to be nightmares. What does it take to arrange a good date? You need to listen to the client, that’s about it. You DON’T need to have them fill out 50 pages of “compatibility tests” like a certain harmony-themed company makes you do. What a giant waste of time.



Speaking of wasting time — is there any bigger waste of time than joining an online dating website and searching through endless profiles (mostly dead ones) only to NOT go out on dates? At Fix Me Up!, we guarantee your dates will be in-person. That’s what it’s all about. Get excited because you’re actually going to meet people… REAL people. Not only real people, but real people that we have already met and gotten to know personally (just like we will with you!). There are no dead profiles here. There’s also no catfishing going on!



So once you’ve found a service that claims to stand behind the four previous principles, it’s now time for your jaw to hit the floor when they tell you just how much it costs to join with them — $2,000 , $3,000 , $5,000 , even $25,000 or more for “professional matchmaking services”. Keep in mind this is an upfront cost out of pocket, there’s no payment plan option for this “reasonable fee”. Then the monthly bill still comes later. Fix Me Up! is a game changer when it comes to pricing. We have a one-time LIFETIME membership fee and no recurring fees or auto renewal, so everyone who works for a living can afford to join our dating service! Our goal is to work with as many eligible singles in the area as possible. This ensures a wide variety of choices when we arrange your dates, which is the ultimate key to having satisfied clients.



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