Company History

Company History

Well, it all begins with the frustrations of dating, now doesn’t it? After many years of dealing with online dating headaches, our company founder decided to look into the local “matchmaking” company he heard commercials for on the radio. They put on a great presentation, but then again you would have to if you’re looking to charge thousands of dollars. After careful consideration, it was decided that maybe staying single was the best option. However, not long after this, the wheels started spinning; if only there were an affordable in-person dating service that appealed to the masses, now that would be a real winner! In late 2015, the business plan for Fix Me Up! was put together but would lie dormant for several years.

Fast forward to the spring of 2019 and it was time to launch. We opened our first office across from The Southern Park Mall in Boardman, OH, and exclusively serviced The Mahoning Valley, but in March of 2020 we were sadly forced to close due to the pandemic. We knew that some changes were going to need to be made moving into the future, so in 2021 we decided to relocate our office to Historic Downtown Cuyahoga Falls and expand our services to all of Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

These days our business operations are totally virtual so that we can more conveniently service clients in areas like greater Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Don't worry... your dates will still be in-person!

We are confident there has never been anything quite like Fix Me Up! in the realm of dating services. We are filling the void created by junk websites and overpriced salespeople by providing a genuine dating service at an affordable cost. This approach ensures that qualified candidates do not walk away for any reason; thus, contributing to the largest possible pool of eligible singles. We hope to add you to that pool soon! 😜

Mission Statement

Dating is tough, and the internet just makes it that much harder. People are not used cars or a new dress – you can’t shop for them. You also can’t sense chemistry via profile picture or texting. It’s all so awkward, and busy professionals don’t have time to waste on games and headaches. At the end of the day, you need to get out there and meet people… REAL PEOPLE. At Fix Me Up!, that is our primary goal. No exaggerations about finding your “true love”, no wasting time searching through dead profiles, and no ridiculously priced “matchmaking” plans. Dating is supposed to be fun and when you work with us it will be!