We expect you to have some questions — that’s what happens when a company is different from every one of its competitors. If you don’t see your question below, or if you want more information on the services we provide, call us today!  


Wait, is that Youngstown in the background?

Ha Ha… that’s funny. It’s not Cleveland or Akron either. It looks great though, right?


Is this some kind of a hookup service?

No, but it’s funny you should ask that since “Hook Me Up!” was actually the name we originally wanted to go with for our dating service. We ultimately decided against it because we thought it would give people the wrong impression about what we were doing.


Is this a ‘matchmaking service’?

No, this is a Professional Dating Service. BIG difference. 😎


What is the difference between a matchmaking service and a dating service?

Matchmaking sites and services are ridiculously high-priced scams that overpromise and underdeliver every time. They run their business around the premise that they will find you true love and marriage because of special knowledge or skills that they possess. This only creates high expectations with inevitable letdown. These services are typically located in the big city and try to cater to the super rich. A dating service is a low-pressure, affordable program that gives you realistic expectations of meeting new people. It’s fun, just like dating is meant to be!


What services do you provide?

Our only job is to arrange your introductions. We do not pretend to be dating coaches or relationship counselors. 


How many members do you have? How many men/women do you have in my age range? What is your success rate?

These are what we call ‘feel good’ questions. There is a problem with these questions, however, and that problem is that there is no way for you to prove that the answer you were given is the truth. Many companies thrive off of answering these questions with lies in order to bait people into joining. We do not operate like that and will only answer questions if we can prove the answer to you. The truth is these questions are irrelevant anyway, as the majority of most member’s dates will always be with people who joined after them. That’s just the way dating services work. There is also no way to guarantee ‘success’ for anyone.


How do your fees work?

Our fees work just like a gym membership or any dating website. Fix Me Up! has a one-time membership fee and we even offer a financing option, which you will never find from another dating service. We also offer discounted plans for our younger members. 


Do you accept cash?

No, because we make your safety a priority. When someone is looking to pay with cash only it is an immediate red flag for several different potential reasons. We have an obligation to protect our members from suspicious characters, and by accepting all four major credit cards, we have plenty of options to suit your preferences. You can also pay by check if you’re paying in full. If you have cash, that’s great, put it in your bank account!


How many dates do you guarantee?

We guarantee a minimum of five dates during your seven-month contract. To keep our promise, we allow you to continue using our dating service for free until you get those five dates. We also have a Premium Membership that guarantees a minimum of twelve dates.


Where is your office located and what are your hours?

We are now located in Historic Downtown Cuyahoga Falls! Our hours vary because we are by appointment only, but we’re pretty much always at the office.


What areas do you serve?

We are proud to announce that we now cover all of Northeast Ohio! That means Greater Cleveland/Akron/Canton, of course our old stomping grounds in The Mahoning Valley, and everywhere in between. The photo below provides a more clear idea of our service area. While there is no exact cutoff point, we like to use a roughly one-hour drive from our office as the general radius for where we accept clients from.


Am I allowed to specify the areas I want my dates to live in?

Yes — We are not going to force someone to date a client who lives over an hour away from them. Your dating radius will be entirely up to you.


What ages do you serve?

We take on female clients 18 and up and male clients 21 and up. As with every other factor, we examine each potential client individually to see if our program is a good fit for them before they join.


Is anyone allowed to join? 

Convicted felons and registered sex offenders are automatically prohibited from our dating program. In other cases, we must feel as though we can genuinely help you before we can ethically take your money. This is decided during your complimentary consultation and should give you confidence in the quality of our dating service, as we’ve met with everyone in the program face-to-face.

We also require that our clients have a cell phone that they are capable of using (we do not want your home phone number), an email address, access to a computer, and a valid driver’s license. We always photocopy the latter when a new member joins, so don’t try and lie about your age 😇


Who is/isn’t your ideal client?

While there is no exact description of our ideal client, individuals who live active and healthy lifestyles are more likely to find dates. You certainly don’t have to be a fitness model to be one of our clients, but people who naturally have more confidence are more likely to be successful. On the other hand, those who live more extreme lifestyles might be better suited for other specialty online dating sites related to their specific interests. 


That’s a big city in the background. Do I have to be a doctor, lawyer, or a well-dressed office person to join your dating service?

No, you don’t have to be a white-collar worker to be a part of our program. You don’t have to have a college degree and we don’t ask for tax returns either. Just like handling the costs of your other bills, you will need to be employed to stay up-to-date on your membership dues if applicable.


How long does a consultation take, and what is it used for?

We like to spend 45 minutes to an hour getting to know you. Due to the pandemic, these initial consultations can also now be done over video chat or telephone. Prior to joining, you will fill out a short questionnaire that will be the backbone of your profile and one of the main ways we arrange your dates. Our questionnaire focuses on real questions that identify a client’s interests and background information — not endless pages of ridiculous compatibility tests or repetitive questions that everyone answers the same way. Once this is done, we fill in the missing pieces your questionnaire can’t answer by getting to know you in-person. Everyone we work with does have to join in-person; thus, ensuring we meet every single client so you’ll be going on quality dates!


Is there anything I’m not required to tell you?

Though we don’t pry into the specifics of your background and personal life, we require your honesty with core questions to help us better improve your experience with our dating service. This includes subjects such as past marriages, children, and other things that can directly impact your dating life. When everyone in the dating program is completely honest with us, we are able to arrange the best dates possible. Since we do not ask our clients how much money they make, members are unable to request dates based on income level. The members of our dating service are doing well enough for themselves to add a professional dating service into their budget, and that should be satisfactory enough. Paying too much for a dating service is one thing, but paying too little can be just as dangerous. At Fix Me Up! we have found the most successful balance.


Do I browse pictures and select my dates?

No. This is the main reason online dating has become such a failure. While some people are able to take and edit outstanding pictures, others look much better in-person. It’s also natural for people to scrutinize photos and use them as a reason to meet or not meet another person. By relying on real factors that matter to set you up on dates without seeing photos, we set ourselves apart from online dating companies. Trust us to do the work!


Why is it so important that I don’t see pictures of my date?

At the end of the day, there is only one thing that matters when it comes to a great date — chemistry. It’s something you can’t detect from a photo or after a brief online conversation. The only way to discover a real spark is meeting someone in-person. If you instead relied on someone’s appearance and spent weeks chatting online, you could be disappointed to learn that nothing real is there when you finally meet them in-person. Our system is also a proven solution to catfishing.


How do the dates work and who pays?

Remember how important we said your initial consultation was? That allows us to know both you and your date, giving us the ability to pick a public place that will be comfortable for the two of you (usually a restaurant). The location of this first meeting will greatly depend on what areas both parties are coming from. All of our clients agree to pay for themselves on their introduction dates, allowing you to focus on enjoying the date without worrying about the potentially awkward dilemma of who is picking up the check.


Will you ever host speed dating or mixer events?

NO, lol. Trust us, you don’t want to go to any of those. The only thing that’s going to happen is someone that you’re not interested in is going to attempt to cling to you all night. Speaking from experience…


Why don’t you have any testimonials on your website?

How would you know that they’re even legitimate? We started with no testimonials on the website and that’s the way we plan on keeping it.


What made you create this company?

It just needed to be done. Check out our ‘Company History’ page for more information…


What qualifications do you have to arrange dates for me?

Absolutely none (and proud of it)… well, other than the fact that we’ve been doing this for a while. Dating services are considered entertainment services by law – they are supposed to be fun! There are no licenses, degrees, or certificates required to run a dating service or to fix people up on dates, and for good reason. If anyone ever tells you they have a matchmaking certificate or an advanced degree geared toward matchmaking, you should hide your wallet and run in the opposite direction. With solid business structure, affordable pricing, and top-notch branding, we are able to attract clients from all around the region to provide a deep pool of singles for our clients to meet.


Do you serve the LGBT Community?

As of right now, we have not received enough interest from the LGBT Community to be able to open a program for them.


I’ve seriously considered joining FarmersOnly or Christian Mingle. Will your service be a good fit for me?

If joining one of those specialty services was your first instinct, we are probably not the best fit for you. We can safely say that if your initial instinct was to join Match or our local competitor, then you should thrive with us!


I don’t see a price anywhere. Is your dating service really affordable?

Yes. We’re only slightly more expensive than the premier online dating websites and about 90% less than the expensive lunch. You read that right…


Why should I join Fix Me Up! if online dating services are less expensive?

Dating websites don’t guarantee dates or personally meet with members, now do they? 😜


Now we have a question for you – are you ready to meet us yet? 😎

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